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Scotland trip, Cairngorms 2016

Ray Wise is a travel and landscape photographer based in London. He works with Getty Images travelling the world taking unique photos for a variety of publications. All images within this portfolio are for sale, please use the contact page to email your inquiry. Freelance and contract photography are also available – i.e. buildings, workplaces, estates, and homes etc, again please use the contact page. Ray Wise invites you to view his images here online – of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg and more examples are available on request.

Says Ray
“I have an eye for anything cool to shoot. I like experimenting with Photoshop and images alike. I’m not afraid to say what process I use to get the end result and believe that photography is a form of expression as well as art. I prefer taking landscape shots either day or night time – colour or black and white. With portraits, I prefer to select colour or BW to make the subject stand out more or emphasize a point I’m trying to make.”

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