Ray Wise self portrait

A diverse range of images from London based photographer – Ray Wise. From monochrome to colour – these photographs will burst out from the frame into your heart. All images within this portfolio are for sale, please use the contact page to email your inquiry. Freelance and contract photography are also available – i.e. buildings, work places and weddings etc, again please use the contact page. Ray Wise invites you to view his images here online – of course this is only the tip of the iceberg and more examples are available on request.

Says Ray
“I have an eye for anything cool to shoot. I like experimenting with Photoshop and images alike. I’m not afraid to say what process i use to get the end result and believe that photography is an form of expression as well as art. I prefer taking landscape shots either day or night time – colour or black and white. With portraits I prefer to select colour or BW to make the subject stand out more or emphasize a point I’m trying to make.”